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#reread in Nelson, New Zealand

January 8, 2013

When you  participate in Read Watch Play, you will be joining so with people from around Australia, Denmark, New Zealand and Singapore (and probably a few more places as well).  Staff from the libraries involved will be some of the guest bloggers for this year.  This is the first guest blog post, and it is from Nelson in New Zealand.

Michelle Bryant from Nelson Library, New Zealand inviting you to share what you rereadCan we ever read the same novel twice, or see the same movies more than once?  Nancy Pearl doesn’t think so – just as “… no two people ever read the same novel” she believe that no one ever reads the same novel twice – “a novel, as a work of art, is not something that should be simply and passively received, or absorbed, by the reader.”

Paul Auster expresses a similar idea: “I finally believe it’s the reader who writes the book and not the writer.”  Just as a novelist would create something new were they to ‘re-write’ a novel – so a reader reads ‘anew’ rather than reads ‘again’.

January is the month to explore this – to re-read novels we have loved – not to simply re-read – but to read anew.  We might find more in the work – or alas find less – maybe it was that glorious summer of the time of first reading that imbued the novel with that rosy glow – on rereading it is perhaps a little flat?

I have seen some films over and over: Starman, Inception, Twilight Samurai – and each time I have seen new things.  I have re-watched Brotherhood of the Wolf many times – and have never again seen that moment when the birds rose around Mark Dacascos in slow motion – but I know I saw it the first time!

Whether you re-read / re-watch or / re-play because you loved it the first time; hated it the first time but wonder why everyone is raving; didn’t get it at all the first time; or just because it is the only, book, DVD, console within reach – share your experiences.

Post to this blog, Tweet through January using #rwpchat and #reread – and especially join us on January 29th to discuss what you are re-reading, re-watching or re-playing.  The live twitter discussion will start at 8.00pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time, 9.00pm New Zealand Daylight Time, 6.00pm Singapore Standard Time, 12.00 noon Central European Time.

New Zealand participants who want more information e-mail

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