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you can use Pinterest to be part of this reading group

January 30, 2013


Join us on Pinterest to discuss what you like to read, watch and play.  We have set up boards for all the themes for this year and you can add to them.

To pin on these boards you need a Pinterest account.

You need to set up at least one board (you don’t have to pin things on your own board, but why not enjoy having a Pinterest account).

If you don’t already have an account go to Pinterest and request an invite.

Follow the boards you are interested in. Readwatchplay.  You need to follow a board to be able to pin to it.  You can choose to follow all the boards.

We will follow  your boards, and add you to the list of people who can pin on the account.

Check your recent activity feed in Pinterest for the invitations.

You can pin what you read, watch and play on the relevant board.

It sounds a bit fiddly  but once this is set up it will be really easy for you to pin and share your ideas on reading watching and playing.

There is a board for each theme, each month for 2013.

You can also follow Read watch play on twitter the hashtag #rwpchat

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