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another kind of #heartread

February 15, 2013

William Wilberforce
Not every #heartread will be a romance. Sometimes a #heartread is simply a book, movie, or game which makes our hearts glad.

The film Amazing grace, which is the story of William Wilberforce and the abolition of slavery is one such #heartread.  It shows persistence, and a search for justice.

The hospital by the river by Dr Catherine Hamlin is a very powerful #heartread as you find out about important work to improve the lives of many women in Ethiopia.

Many books about cooking can be considered for this area too, although not ones with really high fat and sugar content!  30 minute meals by Jamie Oliver is a #heartread because less time in the kitchen means more time with family and friends.

Action reads and films are also great sources for a #heartread as the anticipation about what may happen next has the heart pumping wildly.  Matthew Reilly is an excellent author to try in this area. The series of Bourne films also fit quite nicely here too.

What else can be a #heartread? Do you have a particular game which is a #heartread for you?

Ellen and Cathy

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