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Picture Book Romances

February 25, 2013

Picture books with romantic Happily Ever After endings have enchanted children for many centuries from the traditional fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm and their Disney counterparts. Here are some recommended recent publications:

Lilli-Pilli: The Frog Princess by Vashti Farrer and Owen Swan

Lilli-Pilli’s frog legs kept her from finding a partner and she has to attend the ball where she is expected to dance. A delightful Regency romance.


The Fierce Little Woman and the Wicked Pirate by Joy Cowley and Sarah Davis

The fierce little woman and the wicked pirateThe perfect brutish pirate meets a feisty woman. They fight, sparks fly and then they fall in love. A rollicking good read!


Frog in Love by Max Velthuis and Anthea Bell

Frog discovers he is in love but can’t get the attention of Duck. His heroics don’t work but when he falls she takes care of him. Funny, heartfelt and utterly delightful.


Sir Laughalot by Tony Mitton and Sarah Warburton

Sir Laughalot must save the cheerful damsel in distress. Delightful, rhythmic narrative, quirky childlike illustrations in the style of illuminated manuscripts and heraly and a medieval setting. This book is funny, romantic and yes – heroic.

Pirate Gran by Geraldine Durrant and Rose Forshall

A Pirate Romance! And the pirate is Gran telling the story of how she met her grandchildren’s grandfather. It is a fabulous read.


Gordon’s Got a Snookie by Lisa Shanahan and Wayne Harris

The zoo gets a silverback to service the ladies but when he turns up with a snookie he gets teased and laughed at by all the animals. It’s all about bullying, acceptance, fitting in and, of course, winning the ladies.


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