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Earth hour : reading watching and playing suggestions

March 23, 2013

Ecuador_Guayaquil_Recycled bottles_Ivan Escobar
Earth hour takes place today at 8.30 pm in your time zone.

We have some suggestions for you about how you can enjoy this time.

From New Zealand:

With all the lights out and an almost full moon on the evening of 23 March there may be enough lunar and starlight to read an #ecoread – if not just read the stars!  There is plenty of information up there about our origins and our destiny, our mythology and our aspirations, and maybe even our distant universal neighbours.  Play a game of creating your own constellations – or even a game of locating the existing ones.  Earth hour is often celebrated through music – grab an instrument or warm up your vocal chords and play/sing to the moon.  There are plenty of ways to read, watch, play without the aid of electricity!


From Denmark:
For earth hour taking the time to spend time together to read watch and play it could be the time to revisit old fairy tales and teach the kids about games from your childhood.

I suggest the fairy tale the Snail and the rose tree for reading / telling.  Like most H. C. Andersen fairy tales it is about nature and the earth as well as about being human. “I have not the slightest intention of doing so,” said the snail. “The world is nothing to me. What have I to do with the world? I have enough to do with myself, and enough in myself.”   Wake up Snail – you could be part of earth hour – before you know it.

A game we have revisited in my family the last months is a board game I played a lot when I was a big kid “The star of Africa”. My daughter is old enough to play it and I wanted to relearn the rules before I play it with her. It has a good walk down memory lane. The game play is good – but I must admit I have played a lot of better games since then… I learned that it is a Finnish game that is very popular in Finland and Sweden. You search for diamonds and the goal is to find the star of Africa – but be aware of robbers – you could get stuck and not make it back to Tangier and win the game.

The Danish movie director Carl Theodor Dreyer is the most important director in Danish cinema. In international film history, too, he ranks as one of the greatest artists of all time. His visual style is very special -and you can see an example here from the movie “Vampyr” from 1932.
You can also learn a lot more about Dreyer at this website.


From Australia:

It is a great time for storytelling as different stories can be told in the dark.   You may choose to read out loud from ebooks (so you can read in the dark).  Be social in what you do with the people around you.

If you really want to watch something you could try Fringe (with some eco elements) or The way back (which takes you through very different environments).

Consider playing Blindside, an audio only game.  If you have an iPad have a look at WWF together, a very beautiful way of exploring information (with photographs, audio and origami) about endangered animals.


Enjoy Earth hour and thanks for turning off the lights.

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