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#ecoreads Wrap-up: Twitterchat recommendations

March 29, 2013

March was the twitter discussion about ecoreads. Ecology, water use, environment and conservation, bring to mind David Attenborough of course! Lots of books and blogs to read, websites, television  and movies to watch and if you want to play- what about Fruit ninja! You can also look at the discussion on (captures the tweets with images + pinterest), or  ReadWatchPlay- Storify.

  • Sustainable Printing

Not just #ecoread content, but printed on sustainably sourced paper/healthy ink @bmamag has done this for ages” @SonjaBarfoed

  • Feng Shui

“What about Feng Shui for some balance and harmony in your environment – internal and external” @13helenc

  •   Down to Earth Blog

 “I love down to earth blog but draw the line at knitting my own dishcloths lol. Hi from Hawkesbury Library btw” @swr147

  • Weather and google maps

My #ecoread is the weather every morning and an unnatural obsession with google maps :)Books @Vaveros

  • Fruit Ninja

“Does playing Fruit ninja count ?” @13helenc  “I am sure it does – as no real fruit was harmed or wasted 😀  (maybe Plants and zombies counts too)” @readwatchplay


Flight behaviour by Barbara Kingsolver

After the flood by Margaret Atwood

Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood

 Jam by Yahtzee Crowshaw
 The wind up Girl by Paolo Bagicalupi  “and my fave #ecoread of 2012 was Paolo Bagicalupi’s The Wind Up Girl – Peak Oil and Food Politics in a future Bangkok Eco-Science fiction” @wateryone
Obabakoak by Bernado Atxaga
The woman and the ape by Peter Høeg
Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold
Ecocriticism Reader  “A good intro to #ecoread literary criticism is the Ecocriticism Reader – has lots of classic essays” @wateryone
Prey by Michael Crichton
Salt by Mark Kurlansky
Collapse by Jared Diamond
Ride With Me by Ruthie Knox
 The wild places by Robert Macfarlane
 A Short History of Progress by Ronald Wright
The World Without Us by Alan Weisman
 A Passion for Nature: The Life of John Muir by Worster
Waterlog by Roger Deakin
Wallace Stegner
 Wendell Berry
Sigurd Olsen
Helen Hoover
Robert MacFarlane
John Muir
Children’s books
The Lorax by Dr Seuss
 Leaf by Stephen Michael King
Stuck by Oliver Jeffers
 Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff
 Sci fi eco reads
“some great points are being made of some #ecoread showing destruction and despair as a warning” @readwatchplay

2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson

The Mars series by Kim Stanley Robinson

The Neanderthal Paralax trilogy by Robert J Sawyer

A friend of the Earth by T.C Boyle “literary sci-fi,grim,well-drawn future,incredibly powerful eco-message”  @booksadventures

Dune by Frank Herbert


Margaret Atwood

David Brin  “ I always forget David Brin… but he’s great – part of the Bright Green / Viridian SF movement “@wateryone

Ursula De Guin

Post apocalyptic

The road by Cormac McCarthy

The dog stars by Peter Heller

Cell by Stephen King

The walking dead by Robert Kirkman

Anathem by Neal Stephenson “(as shows different world view, planetary risk and a lot more) environment is important” @Ellen Forsyth


Carl Hiaasen

Crime read

Nevada Barr


“I think thrillers can fit in #ecoread, because if what is planned is not stopped it can lead to environmental destruction” @ellenforsyth

Scarecrow and the army of thieves by Matthew Reilly

Without warning by John Birmingham


Stephen King

John Birmingham

Micro Science





Silent spring by Rachel Carson

Eclipse by Richard North Patterson

Graphic Novels

The black orchid


Stephanie Alexander’s kitchen garden “grow it pick it cook it eat it…Doing her bit for kids+ environment” @13helenc

Kylie Wong “Recipes from sustainably farmed food” @ellenforsyth

The gourmet farmer (SBS)

Offal Good

Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall “Encouraging people to grow their own food” @ellenforsyth

Organic guide to edible gardens by Jennifer Stackhouse
Little veggie patch co: how to grow food in small spaces by Fabian Capomolla and Mat Pember
 SBS World weather report

DVD’s and movies

DVD series- “Life of mammals” -David Attenborough

About David Attenborough: Life on Air

Worlds of David Brin

River monsters : Jeremy Wade

The Emerald Forest

Websites and Youtube

Food Path  “For all that’s good in local produce in the Highlands” @13helenc

Foodscapes by Carl Warner 

Life and Death: Pompeii and Herculaneum exhibition at the British Museum opens to the public on Wednesday 28 March

SciShow channel

Encylopedia of Life



Pinterest Recyclart:


“I really enjoy @Cmdr_Hadfield for #ecoread – the photographs of the earth are a start reminder of how finite it is” @ellenforsyth







Cmdr_Hadfield on Tumblr:

Wiki Posts

Bernado Atxaga:…

Peter Høeg:

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