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Artfully mine

July 24, 2013



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What makes art beautiful, compelling, shocking, true in likeness and colour is, as they say, all in the eye of the beholder. Take for instance, the drawing above. What do you see?

Well, it’s red.

It’s been drawn by a child.

It has been said that it looks a little like Red John (hmmm…)

It’s not on very special paper.

It’s a single media drawing.

But for me, it’s undisputedly beautiful.


This is a portrait of me from my granddaughter and in her words, sums up how she sees me:

The picture is red. My favourite colour.

The figure has short has short hair. So do I.

I’m wearing my earrings ( well one anyway) and

I’m smiling. Like I always do.

So, with no formal training, no expensive brush or paints and limited media to work with, my grandaughter has created something for me. Will it sell for millions or hang in a gallery? No, and it’s not for sale. Because, as art goes, to me, it’s priceless.





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