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#artread Wrapup: Twitterchat Recommendations

August 1, 2013

The July ReadWatchPlay theme was #artreads. You can read the whole discussion for #rwpchat on  ReadWatchPlay Storify.

The discussion covered a diverse range of topics including book suggestions,  children’s book illustrators, graphic novels,  poetry,  photography and films to watch.  Check out the links to tattoos (some literary), quilts and art -including book covers. But first, what is #Artread? Comics, films, photographers, artists and crime.

  • “petroglyphs and cave art – the first #artread?” @Nelson readers
  • “puerto viejo spain – they used the rock shapes for 3D effects” @nelsonreaders
  • “graphic novels and films of comics, perhaps#artread #rwpchat as they bring many different art elements”  @readwatchplay
  • “Watching art is always a great insight into another culture.” @rachelfranks
  • “I enjoy vloggers & web series eg How to Make Basic because it’s not about CGI & fancy cameras. Focus is on clever writing” @vaveros


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