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Announcing the themes for #rwpchat for 2014

August 12, 2013

Here are the themes which we will be tweeting about next year.  Clicking on the month and the hashtag will take you to a description of what will be included in the discussions each month.  There is lots of room to bring in even more ideas so please share them by tweeting #rwpchat.

words / palabras / 言葉

January #questread

February #smoochread

March #reelread

April #urbanread

May #fanread

June #munchread

July #warread

August #spaceread

September #classicread

October #secretread

November #funread

December #retroread

Make sure you have a good look at each month as there are some surprises.

There are boards for each month on Pinterest as well, so you can explore the ideas in a different way.   If you follow the boards on Pinterest we will add you to the boards as a pinner.  This is done for the month by month.

There are exciting themes for the rest of 2013 too

September  #historyread

October  #egoread

November  #moread

December  #endread

and we still have lots of reading, watching and playing for #furread.

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