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Food for furread part 1

August 19, 2013

This month you may want to include reading about peaches, apricots, rambutans and kiwifruit because of the fur on these fruit.  Some people can not touch these fruit, especially apricots and peaches because of their reaction to the fur.  This is an interesting reaction to fur, when apricots and some peaches can feel like velvet.  Rambutans and kiwi fruit have different feeling fur with an interesting kitchen scrubbing cloth texture.

Apricots (August 15, 2009) [150/365]All this fur is covering delicious fruit.  Nigel Slater’s description of peaches (including a peach pie recipe)  and Dan Leopard with an apricot and almond tart  show some #furread potential (and seasonal action).

Quinces are another strong contender in the furread area.  For cooking these fruit make sure you rub all the fur off, or remove it as you peel the fruit.  Depending on where you live quinces may be available to try these recipes withRaspberries are another furry fruit.

It may not be a time of year to eat all of these fruit fresh, but it can be a time for planting fruit trees for future enjoyment.

Nettles may also be considered an edible plant with fur, a special kind of fur which you have to be careful of because of the stinging.

Other furry fruit can include unripe persimmons and unripe varieties of some bananas, both of which can provide an unpleasant furry mouth feel.

I have been avoiding mentioning food which is furry because it was forgotten about and it became a science experiment.

What are your favourite furry fruit and vegetables?  Make sure you include #furread in your tweets, and photographs.

There was too much #furread potential for one post, stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow…

Ellen Forsyth

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