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#furreads food part 2

August 19, 2013



Feed the man meat. Get some pork on your fork. Fight Lambnesia. Chop til you drop.


Smell that BBQ, tantalising our tastebuds, meat carved straight from the spit, piled high on the table and rapidly demolished from our plates. What’s your favourite? Beef, lamb, fowl, goat, horse, kangaroo? Whole joints or delicate steaks, thinly shaved, minced or salt cured? Do you stick to the tried and true cuts or are you prepared and excited to try things unusual in our culture but well known in others.

The meat we consume is originally covered in fur (or feathers) and while we have mastered the many ways of preparing, cooking and serving meat, the fur is not useful and so must first be removed and discarded.  The best part, like all good presents,  is inside the wrapping.

I have a very old cookbook that includes directions for catching, cleaning and preparing all manner of furry animals, rabbits, pigeons, boar, deer and the usual beef and lamb, in the first chapters before the actual recipes and serving suggestions. Most recipes cannot be prepared in one day, especially as you have to first catch your rabbits

Now I am the first to admit that if I was expected to butcher meat for my own consumption (I’m thinking Fat-Pig-Farm here) I would rapidly become a vegetarian. Heavens, I can’t even take the eggs from a chicken. But the fact remains that I live in an era where my meat comes neatly packaged from the butchers with no hint of Connie, Shaun, Kanga and Roo, Babe or Bambi  in sight.  No fur and medium rare, just the way I like it.


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