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The Reading Hour

August 24, 2013

fruit batsSaturday August 24th 5 – 6 pm will see readers across Australia settle in to make the most of this year’s Reading Hour.

Given this month’s theme, what #furread will you pick up and read, watch or play?

Will you spend time reading stories about furry bats or furry toes? Maybe explore the Furry Friends of Yosemite National Park? Perhaps watch Jack the Giant Slayer or maybe play Hairy Balls? I know it’s a reading hour but there’s no reason you couldn’t spend an hour or two enjoying #furread.

Cuddle up in a nice warm corner, pile the family on the lounge together and share your favourite #furread. Snuggle into that furry blanket and savour the feel and texture of reading in your own special quiet corner.

We really don’t need an excuse to read but why not make a special effort this Saturday to put everything else aside and read. And while you’re at it, tweet about your chosen #furread and how you are spending this year’s #readinghour.

You can join the reading hour from anywhere in the world.


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