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Twitterchat Wrap up- #furreads

August 30, 2013

Looking for a  furry tail, sorry, tale to read? This month’s twitterchat was all about animals #furread

What reading watching or playing did you enjoy- those with furry, feathered, scaly or other wise wildlife related characters?

You can read the  collected twitter conversation on ReadWatchPlay Storify.

There was a menagerie of animals including cats in Libraries, dragons, rats and pigs.   Superheroes (rubbery, not furry), tea cosies, furry characters (who was more hirsute-Wolverine or Samson?) movies, music and much more.

The question was raised, do feathers count as fur?

  •  Can you answer this question?

What was the Huxley one with mankind ended up reverting to apehood?

(Man’s place in nature?)

  • Animals  themselves joined in the conversation…

‘Sorry for slow tweets. My own #furread is attacking the keyboard. Topical at least.’ @kylastephan

  • Movies, featuring Charlotte’s Web- not everyone’s favourite, after all…

‘I was dragged screaming ‘They murdered the spider!’ from the theatre as a child. 1st movie’.

‘I think there was a collective sob when Charlotte’s Web was written :)’ @vaveros

  • There seems to be a correlation between animals, books and crying:

Anybody manage to read the opening of ‘The art of racing in the rain’ without crying?@nelsonreaders

It really is the saddest kids book. Most of the saddest kids movies involve animals @vaveros

Blinky Bill was a tough read at the section where *really sad spoiler* happened@ellenforsyth

‘At least it was a well mannered Mr (or Mrs) Fox’.@kylastephan

  • Crafts, including tea cosies, or not?!

‘What about fuzzy felts? Animals made out of felt? Works for me.’

‘I think Loani Prior’s work can be included  as many of the tea cosies are made of wool which is like #furread’ @ellenforsyth

‘I dunno – bit of a stretch’ @nelsonreads

‘so sheep are okay, the fibre from the sheep isn’t? hmmm’ @ellenforsyth

I think by default most of the knitting books and wool textiles books would fit into #furread. But so would leather making@vaveros

  • Rats

‘Rats always add a little extra sparkle and cunning to a story’.@kylastephan

it is amazing where rats turn up – the Trouble twisters books by Garth Nix and Sean Williams has rats #furread

  • Shapeshifters

Oooh! Shapeshifters! Zeus! Greek gods loved morphing into animals!@vaveros

  • Dragons

‘Bring on the fire dragons no matter the author or series.’@kylastephan

  • Hobbits

The hobbits are almost #furread in their own right. Their fluffy feet must qualify?

Next month we will be back to discuss it will be exciting to see what reading, watching and playing is mentioned!

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