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Twitterchat wrapup: #egoreads

October 31, 2013

The #egoread Twitterchat covered  a wide spectrum of subject areas. Sports people, social media, food, games, history, politics and poetry. Music, memoirs games and lots of books- fiction and non fiction.  There are documentaries, websites and television shows to explore.

So,  what is an egoread?

#egoread is the story of one person’s self (or even a place) that is shared in more ways than we might expect.

#egoread opens a door and lets the reader take a peek inside to a world they’re unfamiliar with but isn’t constrained by medium.

#egoread is more than a simple biography, it includes poetry, history, fiction, music, twitter, FB, YouTube, games, movies. All mentioned in this months discussion.

Our own sense of self / identity is an #egoread what makes up all the bits that are me? not just physical but material as well.

Areas of discussion included:

  • Is youtube the ultimate egoread?
  • Add Facebook, and… twitter to that. Response: Social media does document personal lives…
  • Cats:  Cats! Lolcats, internet cats, calendar cats…here’s the Nyan cat  and a Maru wink…
  • Royalty but are they #egoread of their promotion or others promoting them? @helenc
  • How do Libraries catalogue their biographies? In so many ways: separately from other books, interfiled, with like topics to enrich a subject area… or stickers and psychic ability to find and shelve?!
  • Celebrity tweets: “Celebrity tweets. Just like a biography only instantaneous” @vaveros
  • Re-tweets, who is followed, including authors of course. Don’t you love being re-tweeted or getting a reply from a celebrity?
  • True crime- without the glorification please!  Ned Kelly, Squizzy TaylorUnderbelly? Bangalow Forest? Chopper Read?
  • Lance Armstrong: Should he be moved from biographies to another section, such as fiction or fantasy?
  • Poetry: Henry Lawson, A B Paterson, C. J Dennis and  Edgar Allen Poe.
  • Oral history collections in Libraries- rich source of #egoreads.
  • Final question: “Does anybody else put off finishing bios because you know you’ll feel sad when the subject dies in the end?” @vaveros .


You can read the whole Twitterchat discussion on Readwatchplay Storify.

The theme for November is #moreads.

There will be a twitter discussion 8.00pm (AEDT) 26 November to discuss #moread, and 9.00pm New Zealand Summer  Time, 6.00pm Singapore Standard Time, 12.00 noon Central European Time.  Note : this is a staggered start to the discussion.

Use the tags #moread and #rwpchat so others can join the discussion with you – and use them in whatever social media you like.

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