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The perfect ending is a new beginning

December 31, 2013


Well fellow blog readers, here we are at the end of another year of reading.  We’ve talked a bit about endings, the “happily ever after”, the ones designed to make you read the next installment to “see what happens”, the “I did not see that coming”, and the “sad, bad, unconvincing and unbelievable”.

So what is the perfect ending? That’s a curly question, designed to elicit a long, never-ending replies. For me, it needs to be convincing, believable. Not necessarily happily ever after, but I like a certain amount of satisfaction and a guarantee that events occuring during the book have reached some sort of conclusion, resolution or acceptance.

For my grandaughter though,  it’s sooo much simpler. There are two words that she must have to finish her story. “The End”. She looks for them. We have to read them aloud. She doesn’t like it if they aren’t there. “Why haven’t they finished the story?” she asks. Regularly. It’s now a given that I look in the back of books to make sure “The End” appears before I purchase them.

But… “The End” of a story is not the end… it’s actually the beginning, because as soon as one story is finished, she insists we start the next one.

Which brings me to this… We’d like to thank all our contributors and all our readers for being part of Read Watch Play in 2013, we have thoroughly enjoyed your company, and while we may be saying “The End” to 2013,  this is not “The End”!!!

Read Watch Play continues in 2014 with our monthly themes and related posts and of course, our monthly twitter chat.

You can find us here

Please join us, contribute if you’d like to, and read our posts and tweets. It’s a new beginning.






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