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#GlobalSelfie and #rwpchat

April 22, 2014

NASA is asking people to take a selfie outside on 22 April. They ask that you use the tag #GlobalSelfie and to include your location (city/suburb/town) and then post the image on social media.  There is a lot of information, including a printable sign, on their website.  This sounds a great idea.

How does reading fit in with all of this?  You may, while taking a #GlobalSelfie be able to include what you are reading, watching or playing as part of the photograph.  If so, please include the tag #rwpchat.  If you are in an urban area, or what you are reading is an #urbanread please include that tag too.



Selfie by David

If you have not taken a #selfie before – here are some hints:

  •  The background. Can people tell where you are? Is there a street sign behind you, or can you see your house number? People can find out a lot more about you from your photos than you might think.
  •  If you know a younger person who is taking selfies, you might want to share some of these tips:
  •  Location settings. Geotags don’t just show where the photo was taken, they let people know where you like to hang out, and when you are away from home. Turn them off in the settings on your phone. For more about ‘digital breadcrumbs’ have a look at: and privacy:
  • Check before you post a photo of someone, and especially before you tag them. They might not want everyone to know what they’ve been doing.
  • Be your best selfie. Only post pictures of yourself that you are happy for everyone to see, and don’t post unflattering pictures of other people. They might return the favour!
  • Selfies should be fun. If you are worrying about the number of likes you have, or if people are posting comments that make you feel bad, it might be a good idea to take a time out.


Melanie, Heidi, Rachel and Ellen

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