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Vikings, Call the Midwife and #munchread for #rwpchat

June 6, 2014

Recent offerings on free to air television in Australia have provided a very different perspective on #munchread.   Vikings, a story loosely based on Viking history, legend and archaeology, featuring the family and community of Ragnar Lothbrok and Call the midwife (or the book which inspired the series), based in London’s East End in the 1950s around a community of midwives have strong similarities.  They both show complex and connected communities, both have some historically accurate features, and both feature food.

There are many scenes in Call the midwife when people are shown eating, as it is a time when people come together and there is the ongoing tension over Sister Monica Joan eating cake which was meant for someone else.  This recipe for Queen Victoria Sponge, from Jamie Oliver is fancier than the ones shown in Call the midwife, but looks a lovely one to try.  Lemon curd also received a passing mention.

In Vikings food mainly is shown as part of feasts, so we are not shown family meals.  Information about the food is available from a number of sources and there are some indicative recipes to explore.

Other food and watching to consider, are you getting reading to watch the World Cup in Brazil? Here are some recipes, from six of the nations competing, to try as well as some from Brazil.

What have you been reading, watching or playing which includes food as part of the story?  Please share by adding a comment to this blog post, tweeting, or posting to Instagram using #munchread and #rwpchat



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