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Digitised newspapers, photographs and #warread

July 31, 2014

Reading war reporting through newspapers gives a different perspective than reading an historical account written after the time.  Both provide different perspectives on what is happening.  Many newspapers around the world are being digitised so you can read contemporary accounts of wars and conflicts.  Trove provides access to a growing number of Australian newspapers and magazines which have been digitised.  You can read accounts of the Boer War, for example, or see how The Australian Women’s Weekly included coverage of the Second World War or find out about local knitting groups who provided handmade socks to service personnel.   You can also search European newspapers, and for information about the USA as well.  There are many other contemporary writing you can read, like the USA Civil War day books and diaries from the Minnesota Historical Society and from the University of Washington.

Deck of Gun Boat, Probably "Mendota."

Flickr Commons can be a very interesting place to explore this kind of history too. If you are doing research about people in the First World War, you can contribute the research to Lives of the First World War, to build up a global database.

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