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2015 themes

August 11, 2014

[text: Oh the places you’ll go! by Dr Seuss; image:]

 Each year, as a diverse group of Librarians and Library staff, we sit down and discuss – over tea & coffee & the web – what reading themes would be good and interesting to discuss the following year. It’s an engaging and constructive process which allows many people to have a voice in determining the way the twitter reading group grows and flourishes. We have always endeavoured to be inclusive but what is fabulous about the 2015 themes is the overwhelming global nature to these themes and the way they suit the various cultural and geographic differences we share. Currently the #rwpchat twitter reading group has members from Australia, Denmark, New Zealand, Singapore, and Surrey in the UK; everyone from these countires has contributed to the discussion which has resulted in the following list of themes for 2015. For each theme there is a broad description which you can use in your own libraries to further the discussion and build displays, etc.

January – #wellread

February – #shortread

March – #poetryread

April – #reflectread

May – #migrantread

June – #legalread

July – #chillread

August – #watchread

September – #localread

October – #darkread

November – #technoread

December – #sweetread


I am really looking forward to these themes and to experiencing the different ways Libraries around the world express and share them – books, movies, music, games.

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the discussion and to building the theme descriptions.

@CatyJ on behalf of the Read Watch Play twitter reading group and the NSW Readers Advisory group.


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