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Join the #retroread discussion today for #rwpchat – share your favourite #retroread

December 16, 2014


Four Storms And A Twister
Four Storms and a Twister by JD Hancock – Flickr Creative Commons

Join the discussion this month about #retroread.

There will be a twitter discussion, today, 16 December starting at 8.00pm Australian Eastern Summer Time.   9.00pm New Zealand  Time, 6.00pm Singapore Standard Time, 12.00 noon Central European Time, 9am – 11am, 2pm – 4pm, 6pm – 8pm GMT.  Note this is a staggered discussion.

Use the tags #retroread and #rwpchat as you discuss the reading, watching playing that is your experience of retroread, so others can join in the conversation too.

We will be focusing on all things retro in this discussion.  Retro is such a delightful, positive word. It is the best of times gone by, or, if not the best, the funniest or most sweetly nostalgic. Retro fashion can be enjoyed while watching Mad Men, Life on Mars or That 70s Show, or by watching shows actually made in the 60s and 70s. Great movies and TV shows are often made again – is what comes first always better?

While you’re watching, you could make something retrotastic. Grab some books on how to make macramé Christmas decorations, or some other retro craft, and make sure you pick up a slow cooker recipe book so you can have something bubbling away in the crock pot.  Play some retro games – Pacman, Space Invaders or Twister, anyone? Pick your favourite era for music and listen to some retro tunes.

Historical fiction is a wonderful way of remembering eras you lived through and loved and those you wished you could have experienced. Steampunk for history and sci-fi, Ruth Park or Norman Lindsay for vintage Australia or a bit of Enid Blyton to revel in the political incorrectness of the rollicking adventures so many enjoyed as children.

Drop in to your local library to find out about the history of your area and research your family history while you are at it. You can also celebrate the retro by recycling, re-reading and revisiting the buildings, furniture and gardens of yesteryear. For all your retro reading, watching and playing this month, use the tags #retroread and #rwpchat as you discuss them, and then others can join in the conversation too. You can also add to the discussion on Pinterest. You might like to post your photographs to Instagram or Flickr and use #retroread #rwpchat so others can share in your reading, watching and playing.

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