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Migration in Star Wars

May 4, 2015
CC BY 2.0 Daniel Davis / Flickr - Birthday Cake Battle

CC BY 2.0 Daniel Davis / Flickr – Birthday Cake Battle

 Today is May 4th, and this is unofficially regarded as a celebratory day for Star Wars. May the fourth be with you! #Maythe4th

This science fiction series of books, films and games has created many storylines around the migration of species across star systems and galaxies. Whenever you travel to new places in the Star Wars universe you will often find a variety of species co-existing there, many of which are far from their planet of birth.

As its name Star Wars suggests, a significant number of stories in its fictional universe are played out against a backdrop of conflict between different groups, and as a result of these wars many of the population are inevitably forced to migrate to escape.

However, migration doesn’t just happen as a result of war. There is also a desire to explore and discover new places that exist beyond ‘home’. If you’d heard tales of places such as Hoth, Cloud City, Tatooine, Endor and Naboo, wouldn’t you like to go and see what they are really like? Which would you head for? Maybe some are closer than you think – take a look at the Galactic Backpacking series on this Star Wars site, and then follow it up with a travel guide to these locations that are actually based on Earth.

Why not share your ideal Star Wars destination during our live Twitter chat on 26th May using the #migrantread hashtag, especially if you’ve actually managed to visit these places too….

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