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social media for #technoread for #rwpchat

November 26, 2015

Read watch play has many possibilities within it for #technoread as several different social media tools are used. Whether your preferred social media platform is FacebookbloggingTwitterTumblrPinterest, or Instagram there is a Read Watch Play account to connect with.  You will find suggestions about what ideas can be connected each month to the discussion. As long as you can suggest how what you are reading, watching or playing fits with a #rwpchat theme, it fits.

You may like to make videos sharing what you are reading, watching or playing to fit with each theme, or share photographs. As you can see cricket is definitely a #technoread.
Drouin schoolboys playing cricket, Drouin, Victoria [2]

If you are working in a library the following information can help you with how to use these themes. If you are working elsewhere, you may have to be more creative. I am sure it is possible to match the themes to plants (for example for #technoread it could be a grafted plant, for #sweetread a fruit tree, #wildread could be some pruning or weeding…)

We create new content that you are welcome to share with your own community. Read Watch Play is an innovative program coordinated by the NSW Readers Advisory Working Group designed to reach beyond the physical library walls and engage our communities with reading through the many channels of social media.

Many libraries also use these ideas and resources inside their libraries with collection displays, newsletter pieces and promotional events all built around the same themes.

Whether your preferred social media platform is FacebookbloggingTwitterTumblrPinterest, or Instagram there is a Read Watch Play account to connect with.  You will find ideas to borrow, discussions to join, and resources to adapt and use in your own library communities.
We create a year’s worth of blog posts that you can share and repurpose for your own community. Ideas for how you can do this at your library are on the Readers’ advisory wiki.

The Twitter discussion begins at 11.00am and we will be posting on Facebook at the same time. If you use Facebook for #RWPChat, please send screenshots, statistics or feedback through to the steering group.

Why not explore our collection of social media content and see if you can make use of it for your library? Or better still, join the collaborative efforts and share your own ideas and content. If you use the #RWP tags as part of a display or library promotion, send photos through to the RA steering group to share, or post it directly to the wiki.

Even if you don’t have access to social media, there are lots of other ways to use the themes.  Some libraries are using the RWP themes for a general book discussion group that is promoted with a display of reading material related to the theme.

  • Ideas for #technoread – November: steampunk, a promotion of eBooks and resources, workshops introducing the community to new social media platforms, how to use technology for family history research (find my past etc)
  • Ideas for #sweetread December: take a photo of your sweet afternoon tea with the book you are reading and send the photo to the RWP Instagram, or look at an antidote to sweetness with books like ‘I Quit Sugar’

There are more resources to support this on the Readers’ Advisory wiki (note this wiki is for library staff).

Each May, after great discussion and deliberation, twelve monthly themes are selected to guide Read Watch Play activities and content for the next year. The themes are chosen to cater to a wide variety of interests and showcase a cross-section of library resources, whilst still being open and adaptable to local community needs. Librarians across NSW, and many from much further afield, then create and share ideas and RA resources built around the monthly themes for use by librarians everywhere.

Melanie and Ellen

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