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#Speedread travel

February 17, 2016

Hikari Shinkansen (Flickr/ LASZLO ILYES CC By 2.0)

This month’s theme is #speedread.  The ultimate speed adventure is travelling on fast trains.  The Shinkansen (bullet train) in Japan from Kyoto to Tokyo was an amazing experience.  Reaching speeds of up to 200mph on the 320 mile journey the scenery just flashed by. We caught a fleeting glimpse of Mt Fuji while gazing out of the window and eating our bento boxed lunch.

Then there is the Beijing-Shanghai high speed railway which opened on 30 June 2011.  It takes 4 hours and 48 minutes to complete the 819 mile journey and averages speeds of 186 mph.  The train arrives at Shanghai Honqiao station from where you can catch the metro into the centre.

On a trip to Andalusia we took the Alta Velocidad Espanola (AVE) train from Seville to Granada in order to visit the Alhambra Palace.  The train accelerates to a maximum speed of 193 mph and took just over 3 hours as we travelled through miles of olive groves and rolling hills.

To get to Paris for the weekend we took the Eurostar from St Pancras International to Gare du Nord.  The train traverses the Channel Tunnel and reaches a velocity of 186 mph and the journey time is 2 hours 15 minutes.  Just time for a nice French baguette and a glass of wine on board.

Fast trains are also used to connect airports to city centres.  Arriving at Schiphol airport the quickest and most convenient way to get to Amsterdam is to catch the train which takes 15 minutes.  On a trip to Stockholm we took the Arlanda Express from the airport which has a top speed of 120 mph and takes just 20 minutes to reach the city centre.

Why not share your extreme speed experiences during our live Twitter chat on Tuesday 23 February using the tags #speedread and #rwpchat so others can join in the conversation.

Monique (Surrey Libraries)

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