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Experiencing a live #songread

May 9, 2016

The audience is shaking (Martin Fisch / Flickr)

This month’s theme is #songread.  Music has always been important to me from an early age.  It is a way of escaping the humdrum of every day.  Music will lift you up when you have had a stressful day.  As a child I hated going to secondary school and as soon as I got home I would put on Alice Cooper’s School’s Out.  That song really spoke to me and I empathised with the lyrics as I couldn’t wait for school to finish.  I never imagined that years later I would see him in concert numerous times and witness his dramatic stage show.

I enjoy the whole experience of going to see live music. The anticipation of seeing your favourite band, the stage production of the show, the lights, lasers and video clips or graphics on screens.  I have seen many bands live with my husband – it helps that we both like the same genre of music.

We have seen AC/DC at Wembley Stadium which is the biggest gig I have ever been to.  We have been to The House of Blues in Orlando to see Chris Isaak, my favourite song of his is Wicked Game.  We have seen Black Sabbath in Birmingham on my birthday;  Girlschool who supported Motorhead in Portsmouth, my favourite song of theirs is Ace of Spades and Joe Bonamassa who is an amazing blues/rock guitarist and singer.  We travelled to Arnhem to see the Dutch symphonic-rock band Within Temptation.

Then there are bands we have discovered in recent years – Beyond the Black a rock band from Germany, who we saw supporting SaxonSamantha Fish who we got to meet after her gig which was brilliant.  We have seen Halestorm whose lead singer Lzzy Hale has an amazing voice.  I particularly like the cover version she does of Stevie Nick’s Gold Dust Woman.

We have also seen many tribute bands who are as good as the actual band.  Limehouse Lizzy whose lead singer sounds just like Phil Lynott.  Livewire, an AC/DC tribute band who play two separate sets, one with a singer who sounds like Bon Scott and the other Brian Johnson.  We have seen Whole Lotta Led several times, my favourite Led Zeppelin song is the Immigrant Song.  The ZZ Tops who are billed as the world’s best ZZ Top tribute band was an amazing gig.  We used to go to the Hamsters gigs, who played Jimi Hendrix and ZZ Top covers, until they retired a few years ago.

Join us @ReadWatchPlay on 31 May for #songread.  Use the tags #songread and #rwpchat so everyone can join in the conversation.

Monique – Surrey Libraries

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