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Reader recommendations #bookclubread

June 9, 2016

Image by Mace Ojala (CC BY-SA 2.0)

This month’s theme is #bookclubread.  I must confess I don’t actually belong to a book club myself (No! I don’t want to join a book club by Virginia Ironside comes to mind) which is why Read, Watch, Play is perfect for me.  I can share ideas about books I have read and get recommendations from like-minded people from the other side of the world without having to meetup.  Saying that, when I meet my friends we always talk about books, discussing the finer details of plot and whether we guessed whodunit.  We read a lot of thrillers, particularly Scandi noir.


A colleague of mine does belong to a book club and says some people’s choices can be a bit of a challenge to read as they are not something she would have picked herself.  Which I suppose is one reason to belong to a book club – to be taken out of your comfort zone and maybe read a genre of book you would never normally touch with a bargepole.

I have read books proposed by the Richard and Judy Book Club:  The versions of us by Laura Barnett – the ultimate what if book which has three possible outcomes.  I let you go by Clare Mackintosh, a brilliant psychological thriller and Girl on the train by Paula Hawkins which was a gripping read.

Working in a library I am always asked for, and given recommendations by my readers.  One of my readers, a lady of ninety, wants to read what I’m reading.  Another reader urged me to read Disclaimer by Renee Knight saying it was one of the best books she had ever read.  I also suggest books to reading groups who come in looking for a recommendation for their next book.  In the UK it is National Reading Group Day on 18 June which is a great opportunity to celebrate belonging to a reading group, to join a group or to set up your own.

Join us @ReadWatchPlay on Tuesday 28 June when we will be discussing #bookclubread.  Use the tags #bookclubread and #rwpchat so everyone can join in the conversation.

Monique (Surrey Libraries)

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