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knitting and other fibre arts for #artread

July 20, 2016

Knitting (and many other recreational activities) can be #artread.  Tom of Holland, highlights the #artread aspects of mending as through repair favourite items can be renewed. #visiblemending is another term to explore. Some of the results of this very visible mending are lovely. There are many wonderful blogs to read about knitting, including the work of Kate Davies, and Karie Westerman.

You can explore hyperbolic crochet, combining maths and making, by looking at the crochet coral reef.  Knitting or crocheting neurons may be more your thing, and you can explore it here.  These are lovely combinations of science and #artread.
Demokratiet har plads til os alleWhen knitting, crocheting or mending, there are options of listening to podcasts.  In our time can be an excellent inspiration for #artread.

I am avoiding the art/craft discussion as this is sometimes in the eye of the beholder.  You might want to explore ideas of craftivism as part of #artread.  If you are seeking community for knitting or crochet, consider joining Ravelry.

What do you enjoy making for #artread?  Please share photographs and include the tags #artread and #rwpchat.

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