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H G Wells a Victorian #geekread

August 15, 2016

Martian tripod sculpture in Woking, Surrey

2016 marks the 150th anniversary of H G Wells’ birth and the 70th anniversary of his death. Sometimes called ‘The Man Who Invented Tomorrow’ H G Wells’ is most famous for his “scientific romances” or what we now call “Science Fiction.”


In 1895 he wrote The Time Machine – the machine is built and travels to a future where technology has not developed as the inventor might have hoped.

The Invisible Man  – marks a step from magical invisible characters of the past to what was to become the science fiction device of invisibility and cloaking devices. Chemistry provides the invisibility here but the villain cannot control the process as he would like.

In The War of the Worlds England is invaded by Martians in 1898. Centering on the Woking area, many Surrey towns were devastated in the Martian attack. The War of the Worlds captured the public imagination and has become more famous in film. Its effect was felt famously on radio as the USA was gripped by the idea that Marians had really invaded.

The threat from Mars became a staple of Science Fiction for years to come.

Woking is the Surrey centre of HG Wells find out more about the Wells in Woking celebrations.

H G Wells a true #geekread and an early steam punk writer in the age of steam!

Maybe you’ll be inspired by H G Wells to use your library as a Time Machine and show us where and when your Time Machine Reads take you.

Sue – Surrey Libraries

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