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announcing the 2017 #rwpchat themes

August 17, 2016

A lot of hard work has gone in to planning to 2017 themes for #rwpchat, see the list below.  Have a look at them, and enjoy.

Themes for 2017
Flower vendor in Havana, Cuba

January – #firstread

February – #diverseread

March – #waterread

April – #biographyread

May – #playread

June – #epicread

July – #humourread

August – #nightread

September – #comfortread

October – #twistedread

November – #nordicread

December – #timetravelread

You may want to explore these topics so you can enjoy planning your reading, watching and playing.  If you work in a library you may want to think about how these themes can be used in your library for example, storytime, reading groups, displays, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

The work has been done by library staff in NSW and in Surrey, England.  A big thank you to all involved.

But first we have lots of exciting themes left this year, starting with the current #geekread and continuing on to

September – #historyread

October – #bookbitesread

November – #flightread

December – #joyread

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