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The joy of feeding llamas #joyread #rwpchat

December 6, 2016

A group of llamas eating (author’s own photo)

For a fun day out visit the Llama Park next to Ashdown Forest in East Sussex which is what my husband and I did one Saturday in the summer.  Admission was £7 each and for an extra £1 we bought a bag of food to feed them.  It was a lovely sunny day so after lunch in the café we headed outside to see the llamas.

The llamas were very amusing and pleased to see us especially when they discovered we had food for them.  Soon they were jostling each other in their stall to be the first one to be fed.  The expression on their faces was extremely comical.  One kept moving along and popping his head out of each section pretending we hadn’t just fed him at the other end of the stall.  I hadn’t laughed so much in ages.  In fact we enjoyed feeding them so much we went back to the shop to buy another bag of food.

Other people were having fun feeding the llamas and the sound of joyful laughter was heard often as selfies were taken with them.  We also saw a group of people who had been walking with llamas, which costs £35 per person, who looked as though they had enjoyed the experience.  A number of people do this for a birthday treat which would be an entertaining day out.

Monique (Surrey Libraries)

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