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First experiences #firstread #rwpchat

December 30, 2016
keep reading with yourself

First read (copyright Istock User4e1de8b2_617)

This month’s theme is #firstread.  Our lives are full of first experiences. Our first cry uttered as a new born baby.  The first time we crawl across the floor to find what has become our favourite toy.  The first foods we eat, eventually managing to feed ourselves.  The first word we speak to try to communicate.

The first steps we take as a toddler which leads to our first pair of shoes being bought so we can walk outside.  The first time we run which sometimes ends in falling over and scraping our knees.  Then our first day at playgroup arrives and hopefully the chance to make friends with the other children.

As we near five our first day at school looms and we are bought our first school uniform.  Then there is our first school sports day and coming first in a race if we are lucky.  The first time we finish a book on our own after learning to read.  The first time we are taken to the dentist or the hairdressers.

As we grow up there are still more firsts: our first CV we write in order to obtain our first job, possibly on a Saturday and being able to buy something with our first wages.  The first time we learn to drive and hoping to pass the driving test first time; although in reality it will take several attempts; and having our independence.  Our first kiss which leads to our first relationship and the heartbreak often associated with that.

We still continue to experience firsts no matter what age we are: the first time we travel to a continent we have not visited before and discovering new places or the first time we take up a new hobby.

Monique (Surrey Libraries)

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