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top 10 fave Queer YAF and JF titles #diverseread #rwpchat

February 28, 2017

Sometimes you want a story that echoes your journey, and sometimes you want to connect with someone else’s journey.

Just in the nick of time to wind up February’s #diversereads; here’s our top 10 fave Queer YAF and JF titles. Enjoy!

1)      Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the Universe – Benjamin Alire Saenz

One of the most beautifully written books. The quality of the writing is excellent. And there’s a sequel on it’s way.

2)      If I was your girl – Meredith Russo

A first novel by this trans author; this is a well written teen romance, with a trans main character.

3)      Flywheel – Erin Gough

Set in Sydney and with a dyke main character, this Australian author has written a story of school, work, friendship and crushes that any teen looking for romance novels would be happy to read.

4)      Girl Mans Up – M-E Girard

Pen might look like a boy but she discovers what it means to be herself despite the influences of her dodgy ‘friends’ and her traditional parents, and with the help of her supportive brother. Modern, relevant dyke coming-of-age story.

5)      One in Every Crowd – Ivan E. Coyote

A series of short stories by a celebrated gender-queer spoken word artist.

6)      WillGrayson, Will Grayson – John Green and David Levithan  (and companion book: “Hold me Closer: the Tiny Cooper story” – David Levithan).

A times touching and often hilarious, these two books show a strong range of characters including a variety of gay male leads. Unapologetic and life-giving.

7)      Princess Princess ever after – Katie O’Neill

A children’s fairytale graphic novel, starring two very different princesses who find their ‘happily ever after’ together. Read it online here.

8)      George – Alex Gino

A novel with a trans main character for mid to upper primary children. Nicely done. See also: Gracefully Grayson by Ami Polonsky

9)      I’ll give you the Sun – Jandy Nelson

Fraternal twins Jude and Noah alternate the telling of this beautifully written but intense story.

10)   Been here all along – Sandy Hall

A light, fast and fluffy read with about best friends and neighbours.

– Yasmin Greenhalgh and Eliza Luciano

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