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Get involved in the interactive fiction #OdysseyJam in March

March 2, 2017
horseserpent-tweakTo tie in with #WaterRead in March we are also doing something a bit different – an online interactive story writing challenge with a watery theme, specifically Homer’s The Odyssey – an ancient tale of Odysseus’ journey home across the seas after the Trojan War, with a mix of fantastical mythical creatures, gods and mortals. The challenge will be hosted on the game site and will run from 11th March, with the deadline for final submissions being 27th March 2017 . Full details of how to join the writing challenge and submit your entries can be found here.
It is open for anyone at all in the world to submit an entry… whether you’ve written interactive fiction before or not. All types of text based games are welcome, including interactive fiction and visual novels. Even though the focus is on creating a written interactive story, it can include other media too – images, sound, video etc. If you’re looking for visual inspiration we’ve sourced hundreds of ancient Greek images from the British Library, which you can use freely in your entry if you want to. If you do use them, be sure to give the British Library a mention in the credits of your game.

The Odyssey was epic, but your entry into #OdysseyJam doesn’t have to be a long piece of work. It also doesn’t have to cover the whole of the Odyssey – you could create something that focuses on a small part of the story, and you don’t even have to set it in ancient Greece, just use The Odyssey for inspiration. For example, this French/Japanese cartoon Ulysses 31 took the original Odyssey story off into space. Why not take this epic tale somewhere new?

You can also work as part of a team, or it can be a solo effort.

Want to join in but never made a text based game before?

Why not try using some of this free software – all of which are focused on creating interactive fiction and text adventures.

As Homer said in the Odyssey “There is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep.” … and now’s the time for writing many words for #OdysseyJam.

If you post anything on social media please use hashtag #OdysseyJam.

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