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Happy Star Wars Day, enjoy #MayTheFourth for #rwpchat

May 4, 2017

How will you be celebrating Star Wars day?  You can read, watch and play your way through the day.

When did you first see Star Wars?  What is your favourite quote?  Who is your favourite character?

You may want to celebrate with some Star Wars inspired food (the apple Yoda is amazing) or through knitting or crocheting something.

Let us know by adding #maythe4th to your #rwpchat #playread tweets and images.

May the 4th is a recent addition to the Star wars universe (see Wookipedia and Wikipedia).

4 May is Star Wars Day. Say #maythe4th if you are wondering why.

The characters are a powerful part of Star Wars…and is powerfully evocative of memories of watching Star Wars. You can explore Star Wars on twitter, instagram, and more.

There is lots of wonderful reading in the Wookieepedia, and suggestions on Goodreads too. If you are bold enough for William Shakespeare meets Star Wars, try this series by Ian Doescher, and the Star Wars sonnet generator. Enjoy #maythefourth.
Fitting for today. Some spray paint stenciling from the weekend. (Not my stencil, just my sprayin') #atat #maythefourth #art #stencil

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