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Get Involved in the July Gothic Novel Jam

March 9, 2018
DG8MRQeXcAQLTja (1)The theme for Read Watch Play this month is #redread, and horror is a genre that leaves both pages and screens running red with blood. If you especially like your horror in a gothic style why not get involved in our Gothic Novel Jam, which is running from 1st to 31st July 2018, and is being hosted on the website.
What is a jam?
The idea of a jam like this is to create something over a set period of time focused on a particular theme. Read on for more context about our own particular Gothic Novel Jam.
Why We Chose the Gothic Novel theme
2018 is the 200th anniversary of the publication of Frankenstein and the birth of Emily Bronte, writer of Wuthering Heights. Both novels are key works in the gothic novel genre.  So it’s a perfect opportunity to run a gothic novel themed challenge this year.
The Gothic Novel Genre
Gothic novels often feature mystery, terror, supernatural horror and sometimes romance set in old buildings, such as castles or crumbling mansions. As well as Frankenstein and Wuthering Heights, both Dracula and The Hound of the Baskervilles are regarded as gothic novels.
If you want to know more about the genre, the Discovering Literature section of the British Library site has plenty of inspirational information, and this GoodReads list of popular gothic novels will introduce you to more classic titles.
Thanks also to Australian horror writer Kaaron Warren, who has written a great Read Watch Play blog post for us this month about horror and the supernatural – a fantastical source of inspiration for the Gothic Novel Jam.
How to participate
To get involved in Gothic Novel Jam participants need to make something creative inspired by the gothic novel genre. Then by the 31st July upload or share it on the Gothic Novel Jam site, which we are using to host the online event.
You will need to create an online account on the website. Entries can include stories, poetry, art, games, music, films, pictures, soundscapes, or any other type of media response – it’s only limited by your imagination. All work produced by participants will remain their copyright. Both individuals and teams can get involved.
As part of the jam we also want you to use at least one of the out of copyright images on the British Library Flickr account as inspiration for your submission. They’re freely available for anyone to use.  We’ve listed sets of British Library Flickr albums on the Gothic Novel Jam page which you might find particularly inspiring, including ghoulish scenes, crumbling castles, and stormy landscapes; as well as an atmospheric set of British Library sound files.
Though the gothic novel is the main theme, we’ll also be announcing a sub-theme at the launch of the jam on 1st July.
If you’re on social media you can also follow the #GothNovJam hashtagto see what others are creating for the jam.
Why not run an event for the jam in your venue
The Gothic Novel Jam is intended to be run as an online event, but you could also organise an event in your library or other venue at the start of the jam to encourage participants and help them kick-start their Gothic Novel Jam entries. Why not get local writers, artists, musicians or film makers in to help inspire your local participants. Also think about encouraging your local participants to use resources freely available from your library. You could also follow this initial event up with another event at the end of the month to showcase those local entries.
In summary
  • Produce something creative inspired by the gothic novel genre & the sub-theme.
  • Use at least one copyright free image from the British Library Flickr account as inspiration.
  • Upload or share your entry on the Gothic Novel Jam pageby 31st July 2018.
We look forward to seeing your gothic themed creations at the end of July.


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