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How every theme connected to Matthew Reilly

December 15, 2018

With the themes for each month, the aim was that someone could fit favourite titles in most categories.  We wanted people to be able to either tweet about new reading they had done, or join the discussion with some old favourites.  We also wanted people to be able to discuss any kind of reading. Have a look at the what is reading post to see the range of reading which could be included  as well as watching and playing.  Below is a list of the 2018 themes with a brief explanation about how titles by Matthew Reilly (for example) can fit each of these themes.

This photograph is for those who have read Ice Station
Macquarie Island, 1955. Elephant seal bull

January – #firstread What was the first Matthew Reilly title you read?

February – #wildread Matthew Reilly titles have wild elements, including wild driving, and some amazing wild animals

March – #redread Matthew Reilly titles have a lot of blood (yes even Jason Chaser hover car racer has some injuries) and people ‘seeing red’

April – #wellread Matthew Reilly titles may provide a sense of wellness upon completion as well as gratitude that life is not always so eventful

May – #localread these titles may be a local read as there are detailed descriptions of many different places around the world including central Australia, Paris and part of Egypt.

June – #technoread technology is often crucial including robots, sunglasses, prosthetic arms, watches (there is often a countdown) and aircraft.

July – #classicread Matthew Reilly titles are modern classics

August – #urbanread These novels often have some action in urban areas – this may involve theft, as well as attempts to kill or kidnap.

September–#reelread Matthew Reilly titles are yet to be filmed although there is a test film for Contest

October– #secretread Some people may read their Matthew Riley titles in secret (no need to do this), and there are secrets within the novels which can lead to much of the action (need I mention dragons)

November- #crimeread Matthew Riley novels often have crimes as key elements, some of these are government to government crimes, or crimes within governments, crimes within tournaments, as well as lots of conspiracies

December – #chilloutread some of these novels have snow and so have chilly locations (including Ice Station, Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves) however, the sheer amount of action in these can make them titles to chill out while you read them.

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