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August 2014

NASA's Great Observatories Examine the Galactic Center Region - The core of the Milky Way at a distance of some 26,000 light years from Earth.

Stellar Shrapnel Seen in Aftermath of Explosion – A supernova remnant located in the Large Magellenic Cloud from Smithsonian Institution


We will be focusing on all things about space in this discussion.

What does #spaceread make you think about? Do you think about the space you are in, or the space which is faraway? Is it outerspace, space around you, or your inner world?

Last year Chris Hadfield captured the interest of many people by his photographs, videos and tweets from the international space station. This provided a different view of our world.

You can follow other astronauts on twitter, or connect with NASA through a very broad range of social media. You can even follow Curiosity.

Do you live near an observatory? Have a look and think about visiting one as a very different kind of spaceread. Or is astrology more for you?

Brian Cox,  Jocelyn Bell Burnell and Fabiola Gianotti provide science related spaceread. You might also like to follow New Scientist and Scientific American on twitter for a broad range of #spaceread. Make sure you explore Indigenous astronomy as well.

Spaceread is also an idea which connects us to science fiction. This month the World Science Fiction Convention takes place in London. If you can’t be there, you can follow #loncon3 on twitter. The Hugo Awards will be announced this month. You might read or watch one of these as a #spaceread

You might like to try, or rediscover, Douglas Adams, Star Wars, ET, Fred Watson, astrophotography, The dish, Cowboys and aliens, Space cowboys, Aliens or the graphic novels for Batman, Avengers and Captain Underpants. Will you be exploring Galaxy quest, Star Trek, Lost In Space and works by John Scalzi, Ann Aquirre, E Catherine Tobler, Connie Willis, Karen Travis, Johanna Sinisalo, David Weber, Jack Vance, or Patrick Tilley?

Not all space is far away. What is your favourite space to read in? We would love you to tweet, or post to Instagram a photograph of your favourite public space to read in? Do you like reading on trains, in parks or coffee shops? Please share a photograph and include #rwpchat.

What public spaces do you like? Have you seen the work of Jan Gehl?  Do you read or watch films or documentaries about parks, gardens and wilderness? These are all an excellent fit for #spaceread. Or is Horrible geography more your style?

Architecture and engineering can help us look at space, so reading about them would be other great topics to explore for #spaceread.

Are you imagining renovations, or rearrangement to make better use of space? Do you explore interior design books, websites and magazines for pleasure or for planning?

Are there novels you read because of how they describe space, inside and out. Or because they explore inner space of your mind? Are there films you watch because of how they show space whether outer or two countries away?

Future inventions and technologies can also help us think about #spaceread

While you are reading, playing or watching your #spaceread, you might like to tweet about it using #spaceread #rwpchat so that other people can have a conversation with you about your #spaceread. You can add to the discussion on Pinterest too. You might like to post your photographs to Instagram or Flickr and use #spaceread #rwpchat so others can share in your reading, watching and playing.

There will be a twitter discussion on 26 August starting at 8.00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time. 9.00pm New Zealand Time, 6.00pm Singapore Standard Time, 12.00 noon Central European Summer Time, 9am – 11am; 2pm – 4pm; 6pm – 8pm BST.  Note this is a staggered discussion.

Use the tags #spaceread and #rwpchat as you discuss the reading, watching playing that is your experience of spaceread, so others can join in the conversation too.

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