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This month is for reading all about animals.  We are using the tag #furread, but please feel free to include birds, reptiles, insects, fish and any other living creatures.  There are so many amazing reads featuring animals that we thought that they deserved a whole month.

Children’s books are a great starting point, but the options are almost endless with many films featuring animals whether real, imagined or fictional.  There are animal heroes and comedians, military animals, and other working animals, as well as the people who work with then, or heal them.

We can’t ignore paranormal reading either, with werewolves and other shapeshifters, and don’t forget the selkies.

Fur Seal - The ThinkerAnimals also feature in microscience titles such as Cod, exploring these subjects in much loving detail.

Rats feature in many works such as Rats of Nimh, Ratatouille,  and with the character Death of Rats in many Terry Pratchett novels, and other animals are the focus of different mythologies.

Animals are participants in sports, but there are also issues of animal welfare.

There are imagined, hybridised (Island of Dr Moreau), and recreated animals (Jurassic Park) Synthetic Animals/Extinct Animals(Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep).

There is much to read about endangered animals as well.

Games also involve animals (Fleece lightning, World of Warcraft).

Plus, there is also also animal husbandry and recipes involving animals.

What are your going to read for  #furread?

While you are reading, playing or watching #furread, you might like to tweet about it using #furread so that other people can have a conversation with you about your #furread.  You can add to the discussion on Pinterest too.

There will be a live twitter discussion on 27 August starting at 8.00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.   9.00pm New Zealand  Time, 6.00pm Singapore Standard Time, 12.00 noon Central European Summer Time.  Note : this is a staggered start to the discussion.

Use the tags #furread and #rwpchat as you discuss the reading, watching playing that is your experience of furread, so others can join in the conversation too.

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