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October 2014

via The Commons on flickr from the Mennonite Church USA Archives

via The Commons on flickr from the Mennonite Church USA Archives


Join the discussion this month about #secretread.  We will be focusing on all things secret in this discussion (and it will be great to see what ideas people include).  You will have to share some secrets. Do you have a secret read too share?

Secrets can be hard to keep, and sometimes it s good to share a secret with others, like those of your secret reads- those books no-one knows you are reading! Do you have secret reads? Share them with others, as there should be no shame or embarrassment  in whatever anyone chooses to read. Its all reading- but if you do want to keep your reading secret,  there’s always audio-books and e-readers!

This is the month to read about secret societies, secret codes, secrets revealed and secret identities, there are many secret reads to uncover…

 Do you remember reading Nancy Drew, the Hardy boys and Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven series– with the secret societies solving mysteries and revealing secrets. These are just a few of the classic children’s series that introduce us to secret reads.  Harry Potter and his friends had lots of secrets too.

We all know mild mannered reporter Clark Kent has a super secret. Revisit Superman and your other  favourite superheroes in graphic novels and film as they continue to save the world while successfully concealing their  identities. Here are ten superheroes and their secret identities by  talented illustrator Coran “Kizer” Stone.

Feeling rebellious? Read some banned books- Books that have been challenged and banned for all sorts of reasons including to protect children, due to religious, racial or political content or because of what are deemed to be inappropriate themes. Don’t you want to read these books simply to find out what all the fuss is about? Its no secret that Goodreads has Banned Books lists available, to help you uncover some new reads.

This is the month to read a crime novel. Always full of secrets waiting to be unearthed, even the true identity of secret writers revealed, as in the case of The cuckoo’s calling by Robert Galbraith.

You may enjoy the challenge of unravelling the secrets hidden within a story. It may be a mystery, with clues,  perhaps a  red herring or two-read some Agatha Christie,  Margery Allingham, or for a contemporary, chilling , suspenseful story full of secrets, try Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

Don’t forget  about  skeletons in the closet – read about family history, where you may find some well kept secrets.  Read some fiction about families (they always have secrets),  these books will keep you turning the pages, in an agony of suspense, waiting to discover whether the secrets to be revealed cause delight, heartache, or both. Try  something from the Goodreads list of Popular Family Secrets books.

Then there are the stories featuring spies, codes and ciphers. Try astute detective Sherlock Holmes, who uses logical reasoning to solve mysteries, Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson, Mr Penumbra’s 24 hour bookstore, Dan Brown’s The lost symbol, Agent 21: Codebreaker by Chris Ryan and Six Sacred Stones by Matthew Reilly.

Sometimes you find yourself reading a book where the secrets hidden  within the pages of a book are revealed unexpectedly. These storylines are best kept secret- revealing spoilers may ruin these for someone else. Please don’t read any reviews before reading  Never let me go by Kazuo Ishiguro!

Discover the secret lives of celebrities, get to know the real person hidden behind the public persona, find out their secrets to success, even just “get the dirt” in an unauthorised biography.

Protect yourself from online identity theft, scams and find out about cyber safety at Cybersmart.

Read some true crime, about frauds and con people, in magazines newspapers and books, online and in print.

Explore a secret world! Once Britian’s best kept secret, Bletchley Park– home of the Code Breakers,  is open to visitors.

Find out the secret to success- this  was revealed in the self help book,  “The secret” by Rhonda Byrne- a best seller in 2006.

Finally, what about Wikileaks? Read online secret information, news leaks, and classified media published  from anonymous sources.

While you are reading, playing or watching your #secretread, you might like to tweet about it using #secretread #rwpchat so that other people can have a conversation with you about your #secretread.  You can add to the discussion on Pinterest too. You might like to post your photographs to Instagram or Flickr and use #secretread #rwpchat so others can share in your reading, watching and playing.

There will be a twitter discussion on 28 October starting at 8.00pm Australian Eastern Summer Time.   9.00pm New Zealand  Time, 6.00pm Singapore Standard Time, 12.00 noon Central European Time, 9am – 11am; 2pm – 4pm; 6pm – 8pm GMT.  Note this is a staggered discussion.

Use the tags #secretread and #rwpchat as you discuss the reading, watching playing that is your experience of secretread, so others can join in the conversation too.

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