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This reading group is brought to you by the NSW Readers Advisory Working Group in Australia, working with the State Library of NSW,  in partnership with a number of libraries around the world.  We encourage everyone to read and tweet about what they are reading.  We take a very broad view of what reading is – books are only one of many reading possibilities.

This blog is the home of a monthly reading group to celebrate all kinds of reading. You might what to check out our explanation of what we consider Reading.

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Each month this group will be reading  around a particular theme.    As well as discussing what you are reading in book groups, at your local library and with friends and family, some readers will also be tweeting about their reading.  You might like to join us.

To be involved in this reading group, you don’t have to tweet – you can just read along each month if you like.  But if you tweet about what you are reading and tag your posts with #rwpchat, other people will see what you are reading and might start a conversation with you.  You can follow the discussion on twitter too, at Read Watch Play.

We see this as a really exciting way to take conversations into public spaces where reading communities can share and collaborate.  You may find yourself having a great chat about reading with a total stranger.

If you would like to tweet what you are reading, check the theme for each month  using the links on the right side of this blog – and when you tweet, add the twitter hashtag #rwpchat to your posts.

You might also like to use these themes for your face to face reading groups.  You could select one title each month which suits the theme, or you might like to use the theme and see what reading people bring along to talk about.

We are looking forward to people all over the world participating by reading and sharing their thoughts on reading.

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